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Another Bites the Dust!

By May 31, 2024No Comments

Are your pets receiving flea prevention?

Every pet parent knows how much of a nuisance fleas can be. At best your pets become itchy, at worst they become miserable and lethargic. Did you know, fleas can be a carrier of disease affecting your pets or even you? Without proper prevention, fleas can cause your pet to have tapeworms, skin infections, and potentially anemic.

Animals can get fleas from the environment and from other infested animals as the fleas jump from one animal to another. Adult fleas attach to an animal, feed on their blood, and lay eggs on their fur. Flea eggs can fall off your pet and end up in the surrounding environment including bedding and furniture, making it easier to infest other pets in the home.

When your pet has fleas on them, you may see red pimples or bumps on the belly, under the legs, and at the base of their tail due to the fleas biting them. Pets may be itchy and scratching. You may notice dry skin, hair loss, skin lesions, or a skin infection. Secondary bacterial skin infections can be caused by the pet scratching.

We offer a variety of preventatives for your pets. For dogs, we currently carry both Simparica and Simparica Trio (both oral tablets). For cats, we offer NexGard Combo (topical), Revolution Plus (topical), and Credellio (oral tablet). All of these products are a monthly, 30 day, preventative for your pet. Some of these products are oral while others are topical. Oral means the medication is given by mouth, whereas the topical is applied to the pet’s body for absorption.

If you should find fleas on your pet, we can also help you clear the infestation in your home. Knockout is an aerosol spray that helps to kill active fleas, and prevents re-infestation for up to 7 months. There is also Vet Kem, a spray that kills and repels fleas. Both of these products are available in our clinic! Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or for information on fleas, flea prevention, and home care.