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One Bite, One Proheart 12 Injection, One Full Year of Protection

By September 30, 2019March 17th, 2023No Comments

As a veterinary technician, it is part of my job to discuss the many different options that pet owners have today when it comes to protecting their furry friends. We know by the end of the exam and vaccines, Fido is bouncing at the door ready to go and it is hard to concentrate on those last few bits being discussed. Do you need any flea and tick prevention? Is he still getting his monthly heartworm chew? As a dog owner, I know how easy it is to say yes to those questions while secretly thinking, did I give those this month? At home, my calendar would be marked for the 1st of the month and come the 10th I’d be scrambling to remember where I put the chews.

We understand life gets busy and it’s easy to push simple “chores” back a couple days; especially during the colder season when we aren’t thinking about bugs and mosquitoes are buzzing around our ears. Heartworm disease, however, is serious and the number of positive cases in our area is increasing each year. Last year, in 2018, there were 1227 positive incidences in Wisconsin. This was a 7% increase from 2017 and an 86% increase over the past four years. Why is heartworm so serious? Once infected and left untreated, heartworms can cause serious issues for your beloved pooch. The worms reside in the heart creating circulatory and respiratory complications such as a cough, exercise intolerance, and congestive heart failure. It’s something that should not be taken lightly.

In order to contract heartworm disease, the dog must be bitten by a mosquito carrying small heartworm larvae (juvenile worms). These worms then mature in the dog and continue to reproduce. Mosquitos have a relatively short life span, however, they can travel a significant distance within that time. While the dog is the preferred host for heartworms, many animals mosquitoes come into contact with, such as wolves, foxes, and coyotes, can be infected by heartworms. This is were the importance of a heartworm prevention comes in, not only to protect your dog but to prevent your dog from potentially spreading it to other dogs and wildlife.

Heartworm prevention has been available for numerous years and lots of research has gone into the options available. With any oral medication, there are several things to consider- is your dog a finicky eater? Does he have a food allergy? Has he vomited the pill up later? Does he get diarrhea after the chew? If you are you as forget as me when it comes to giving chews, ProHeart 12 may be the perfect fit for you and Fido. Proheart 12 provides a full twelve months of heartworm prevention. ProHeart 12 takes the responsibility out of your hands and puts it in ours. Typically given along with annual vaccines, the risks of side effects are extremely low. Proheart 12 also has some general deworming benefits like other heartworm preventatives.

Talk to us today for more information on Proheart 12. We’d love to help keep your pooch healthy AND make your job easier!