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Bad breath? Time for a Dental Check-Up!

By April 24, 2024No Comments

It is estimated that the majority of dogs and cats over 3 years of age suffer from some form of dental pathology. Bad breath is among the first signs of oral disease which can lead into the gums becoming irritated. Over time this leads to bleeding and oral pain. Infections can then spread into the bloodstream affecting the liver, kidney, and heart. Poor dental care can lead to a shorter lifespan in our furry friends.

Listed below are a few of our most recommended dental products.

  • Science Diet Hill’s t/d diet: a balanced adult diet for both cats and dogs. A larger fiber matrix kibble designed to work like a toothbrush. This diet can be used as your pet’s daily diet or as treats.
  • Plaque Off Powder: a daily powder you add to your pet’s food that helps dissolve existing tartar and helps prevent new buildup of plaque and tartar.
  • Pet Smile toothpaste: a daily toothpaste to be used on a toothbrush or finger. The ingredient calprox, works by gently dissolving the biofilm that forms on our pets’ teeth. By removing the biofilm, it also removes the bacteria, plaque, and stains helping to prevent tooth damage and disease.
  • C.E.T. Veggiedent Chews: a daily plant based chew that cleanses, freshens, and balances proper gastrointestinal digestion. Will also help reduce tartar and plaque.

For more dental treats and products, click on the links listed below!