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What Makes a Veterinary Visit Fear Free?

By February 21, 2024No Comments

Fear Free visits to Wildwood Animal Hospital and Clinic mean the veterinary team will help your pet have the most positive experience when they come for visits.  Fear Free does not mean that your pet will never experience anything uncomfortable at the veterinarian.  Your pet may be injured, ill or already stressed from the car ride, but fear free means we will make every effort to reduce any fear, anxiety or stress related to the visit.  Our team wants your pet to be happy when they come through the clinic doors.

Here at Wildwood Animal Hospital, the experience will start by having you call the office when you arrive to assure there are no altercations with other pets in the lobby. The staff will get a weight on your pet and get you in a room as soon as possible.  When you enter you will notice the team may not pet or even look at your pet.  This is not because they don’t want to, it is just to assure your pet feels comfortable and gets a chance to be acclimated to the environment.  The rooms will be sprayed with natural pheromones to help relax your pet.  Your pet will have time to become more comfortable in the room while the technician talks to you.  If your pet likes attention and treats (if allowed) the technician will then proceed.

The veterinary doctors and staff will perform the exam and any procedures they can in the room so your pet will be reassured by your presence and you are assured your pet is being treated respectfully.  Our veterinary team with note procedures and treats/things your pet liked or didn’t like to help make future visits better. Sometimes all of these processes to alleviate fear, anxiety and stress are not enough so we will likely recommend some prescriptions for anti-anxiety, other calming medications or supplements to help make the car ride and visit less frightening for your pet.