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  • What to feed my dog/cat?
    A surprisingly tough question for many pet owners is “what kind of food is your pet cat/dog eating?”  Most owners can recall the kind of food, while others need a Read more
  • Pet's Baby Teeth: What to watch for
    Puppies and kittens have baby teeth that erupt on a predictable schedule.  Usually by 2-3 months of age, a puppy will have all of its baby teeth in place for Read more
  • Essential Oils Good or Bad for Pets?
    While perusing on Facebook recently, I came across a story talking about essential oil diffusers being hazardous for pets. It stated pets were almost dying as a result of diffusers Read more
  • Small Investment, Big Return: The Microchip
    Each year thousands of lost cats and dogs are found and taken to shelters or other animal services. Read more
  • He's Just So Fluffy
    There is a picture in one of our exam rooms of a rather large cat. Children, especially, are amused by the sleek black and white cat dominating the tiny scale Read more
  • New Pet Comes New Illnesses
    You have not heard the last about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These storms have disrupted families and pets along with stray animals. Humane societies, shelters, and rescue organizations have taken Read more

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